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"Everything I've tried on from FSO has always made me feel absolutely amazing and like the most beautiful person in the room. I'm always finding new ways to wear their pieces, and they're always coming out with something new that I want to get!"

-Facebook Reviews

About FSO

FSO's mission is to empower women to be comfortable, confident, and sexy in their own skin. Celebrating women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors in a sex positive community. Each item is hand made in Portland, Oregon. The stripper capital of the nation. FSO ~ "For Strippers Only" has been catering directly to exotic dancers since 2009.




FSO began in 2009 by Terasa Gilliam. 100% Self taught designer and business woman. Terasa started selling her hand-made outfits out of a suitcase, in the dressing room of Spyce Gentlemen's Club, in Downtown Portland, Oregon. 


Soon enough Terasa became the iconic designer of Portland's finest qualities of lingerie and dance apparel.


Following her dreams, she left her desk job with one goal in mind: making women feel like money.